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Do I need areti? Yes, everyone needs areti in their lives.

But do you need Areti, the CPAs? Maybe.

Like a lawyer, not everyone needs a Chartered Professional Accountant (I know, we can’t believe we just said that either!)

We want to make sure our services provide value and that means working with clients that have needs beyond their basic, personal and corporate tax filing. If that’s you, keep reading!  

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs define what success means to them and to help them achieve that success. We ask questions. We seek to understand and take genuine interest in our clients. As a result, we feel more engaged when our clients are successful. Start by asking yourself this question: Do I have someone who I trust to give me honest, concise, and competent financial advice? If the answer is yes, congratulations! You’re on your way to building a successful future. If the answer is no, you might need us. But you might not.

Although we are a full-service CPA firm that provides all the traditional services you can think of like audits and reviews, tax advisory and compliance, and business advisory services, our mission is to help entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves.

Defining what success means to you, designing goals and creating an action plan will help free up your time  – to work on the business, rather than working in the business. With this clarity and focus, your actions have purpose and you’ll be living your success in no time.

Private Enterprises

Owning your own business means understanding what works best for you. Whether you are a corporation, proprietor or partnership, let us work together to maximize your growth and profitability. We understand your business is your legacy!

We offer multiple levels of financial statement preparation, from Compilation to Review or Audit, to suit your needs as well as corporate tax filing services and advice. We work with you to determine what your needs are and can grow with your business.  

Non-Profits & Foundations

Running an organization that helps others is no small feat. Whether you’re an army of one or have a platoon of volunteers, we applaud your selfless generosity!

Accounting rules for not-for-profits and foundations are different than those used by private enterprises. If you do not know all the different rules, don’t worry. We do. And we can even prepare your information return too.

We know your goal is to continue to help as much as you can. Let us help you so you can achieve your mission.


Starting out means taking a leap of faith into the unknown. That’s scary but incredibly brave! Let us navigate you through the financial and tax requirements you’ll come across in launching your great idea.

Need financial forecasts so you can pitch to investors and lenders? We prepare projected financial statements, including cash flows and tax estimates, to make those first steps a little steadier.

Raising capital and issuing EBC forms to investors? You may need a Review Engagement. We do that too!

Are your investors expecting an audit of your financial data? Or is a lender requiring audited financial statements? Our firm’s specialty is Audit engagements. We really love to audit!

Individuals & families

Annual tax filings are stressful for many people. And hiding from CRA isn’t a viable option so let us provide relief by preparing returns for you and your loved ones.

We focus on self-employed individuals, foreign property owners, and investment holders, including securities and rental properties.

Have a family trust? We have you covered there too!

Preparing returns as a family allows us to see the whole picture and provide advice that best suits you all.

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