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Hire An Accountant For a Tax Return

We all know the joke: “Nothing is certain but death and taxes. But at least death happens just once!” This is morbid, but like all …

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Top Things to Know When Hiring a CPA

Top 5 Things to Know When Hiring a CPA First of all, you’ve made the right decision to hire a CPA to support you in …

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Five Things to Know Before Tax Season

Five Things to Know Before Tax Season We’re going to level with you – there are more than five things to know before tax season. …

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Consulting Rather than Compliance

The Areti Difference: Consulting Rather than Compliance There are many jokes about consultants. The oldest and best-known is the saying that “a consultant is someone …

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Going Over to the Bark Side: Benefits of Dogs At Work

Going over to the bark side: Benefits of dogs at work You remember the office? Let us refresh your memory. It’s like an uninterrupted Zoom …

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Tax Tips for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Tax Tips for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Whether it means going full solo or simply adding an income stream, being an entrepreneur is a dream come true …

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BC PST Rebate on Select Machinery and Equipment

The BC Government is offering a temporary PST rebate to help corporations with the financial hardships of the pandemic. This rebate is separate from the …

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What is a Compilation Engagement and Why Should I Care?

What is a Compilation Engagement, and why should I care? Wait, don’t look away! This won’t take long. Effective December 14, 2021, there will be …

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News from the Areti Office

We’re a team of experienced accountants and assurance professionals, and we work with entrepreneurs to help them grow and safeguard their businesses.

Topics featured:

Tax season is coming

Don’t let tax season sneak up on you — here are five things you should know before the big day.

What do you need?

Areti provides consulting rather than compliance, which means our clients get the advice they need to make informed decisions, not just what CRA requires.

Dogs at work? Yes, please!

It’s been scientifically proven that dogs at work boost staff morale and productivity, so we’ve got four-legged friends in every office.

Self-employed entrepreneurs: we’re here for you!

We understand that self-employed entrepreneurs face unique challenges regarding taxes and accounting — we’re here to help.

Compilation engagements: what are they?

A compilation engagement is a type of audit in which an accountant or assurance professional assembles financial statements from various sources without performing an audit or attestation engagement on those financial statements.

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