Areti Goes Global

After 20 years at both Areti and Evolve in our Yaletown office, Peter Poulos will be relocating to Cyprus where he will be working virtually, embodying the true definition of areti, which you know by now means to strive for both excellence and exceptionalism.

Peter has been training for this move for the past decade while working in Greece and other warmer, drier and sunnier locations for a few months each year.

Areti Goes Global for Peter Going Remote

If there is something the pandemic has taught us, it is that you can be anywhere in the world and still make an impact delivering the client experience you have come to expect. Our team has been operating as a digital, eco-friendly paperless office since inception, relying on secure cloud-based solutions to get the job done.

Our technological capabilities have allowed us to retain key team members, providing them with the support to meet both their personal, lifestyle and career aspirations. Through this, we have gained first-hand knowledge of adapting a traditional office-based business into a virtual one.

Prior to Peter moving to Cyprus, we have worked seamlessly with Carly in Kelowna, Meg in Victoria and Cheryl in Port Alberni. Yes, we’d love to be in the same office, but these unprecedented times have proven that it’s good to be able to allow our valuable employees to prioritize, even if that means moving to be closer to loved ones.

Areti going world wide

So, before you all rush in to bid Peter farewell, rest assured his motorcycle and boat are still here in Vancouver for when he returns several months out of the year to take a few laps around the track in Mission, share a whisky with friends and cruise the waters of Desolation Sound. In the meantime, he can still be reached through his Areti email.

Peter goes from Yaletown to Remote

We wish Peter all the best in his new home and look forward to many visits to our new Cyprus office.

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